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Retailers need agility, and a reliance on convenience to hold on until 2022

This is an article that I wrote for the Toronto Star on January 1, 2021...just click on the title above


The unintended consequences of a pandemic and the Planning of Retail Recovery - Retail Insider  

An article on how we should view the issues plaguing the retail industry current state and what we need to plan for to recover from it.  


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The Business of Retail. Five retail experts who look at todays' issues and offer perspective and solutions listen by clicking on the the title above. 


The return of retail street fighting
If you are in an independent retailer you will enjoy reading this article that I wrote for the Retail Council fo Canada. Just click on the title 


Here’s why reopening will not be business as usual

This article really hits home when you begin to think about when the virus ends and how will businesses perform and what can they do differently. I believe that you will find the Great Transition a good supporter for what you will have to do. 


Retail Agility and Survival 2021-2025

I enjoyed writing this post on my website which has free access by the way. It's about how I see the current situation and how we need to see risks as opportunities if we want to move forward.